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Level 80 at last.

So this happened today. A big, big thanks to my amazing, wonderful guildies in [FOS]. Also canthan-valiant and moretoughness, thank you so much for being so kind to help me as well!

craund reblogged your post look at what my guild did I’m actually… and added:

Wooooot, nice guild you got there :D

southsun-stalwart replied to your post: look at what my guild did I’m actually…

Congratulations!! Super nice of your guildies to help you out! :)

They really are! They gave me the rest of my materials and we’re doing Arah right now for the last tokens I need and it seems I’ll be able to get it tonight? idk???? how to react?!?

look at what my guild did I’m actually shaking and crying a bit

I accidentally broke out of Caudecus’s Manor map.


I reached 200 followers last night, thank you so much!

So it’s time for my first Giveaway!

First Price

  • 800 Gems worth of giftable Gem Store content ♥

Second Price

  • 400 Gems worth of giftable Gem Store content ♥

Third Price

  • 10 Unidentified Dyes, Endless Green Quaggan Tonic, 20 Princess Doll Tonics ♥


  • You must be a follower old or new [ not a giveaway blog ].
  • Reblog or like this post [ extra reblogs/likes are welcome, but do not count ].
  • You have to be willing to give your account name so I can send your price.
  • The Giveaway will end at 12th of september 2014 at 12pm GMT+1.
  • Winners will be announced at 15th of september 2014.

Good Luck  

Congrats! ヾ(。◕ฺ∀◕ฺ)ノ

EU riots.